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LOW STOCK! Spoonie Warrior Gift Box

LOW STOCK! Spoonie Warrior Gift Box

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Wicked Woods Scent

Top notes of grape, fruity mid tones of rose and geranium with base notes of musk and earth

Welcome to the Spoonie Club! Our Spoonie wax melt is here to remind you that you're not alone in managing your chronic illness. Time is precious, but it's okay to use it for yourself-- whether that means a relaxing shower, a hangout with a friend, or just catching a few extra z's. Let this wax melt be your friendly reminder to take care of yourself!

This scent is a reminder to us to salute ourselves,  to recognise our  true strength and courage for ourselves and to our fellow Spoonies. Enjoy a earthy, fruity, uplifting scent and lighten your load with this special wax melt, a reminder of your own remarkable warrior spirit.  Love ya!!

Spoonie Warrior

Spoon and screamer shapes in a black gift box

4 pieces per box

We literally battle pain and fatigue and cognitive issues on a daily basis with zero cure in sight!!  Its chronic illness for the fact its forever.  It takes a certain type of strength to battle all this each day as well as try to maintain a semi inch of any type of normal life.

Please note due to the fragility of the shapes they may break in shipping, kind of like us spoonies right?  We never know when we will get bad, who will get a broken spoon?

Please recognise how awesome you truly are and never let anyone make you any less than a total badass!

100% Soy Wax Used Ethically Sourced Ingredients

Very High Scent Load & Long Lasting Use

Vegan and pet friendly

Strong outdoor scent 

Used By Bubba and invokes a soothed soul!

Packaging is 100% recyclable

Can be used in both high wattage electric burners and tea light burners

Returns policy 

Secure payment

Made by a person with Chronic Illness, mental Illness and or Disability

Don't like the scent? No problem, swap on our Melty Army Group!

Ready to ship from UK fast




Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.       

Contains Citronellol Pure, Geraniol.  May produce an allergic reaction.


Break off a piece and place into a suitable burner.  Light an unscented tea light and place underneath the dish.  Allow wax to fully melt to release full scent throw.  Use until you do not smell anymore.  This will vary depending upon your tea lights, burner, nose, room size and how long you burn for.  Some scents are stronger than others too.  Please allow on average 3 reburns per melt.

Lots of helpful melting tips including removing the used wax from burner on our social media....look for @bubbasmeltys on Instagram 

or Facebook (78k followers!) Come join the community

Come say hi to Bubba there and ask any questions for fast response

Bubbas Meltys are fully insured and clp compliant for UK and EU regulations.

Any questions ask away happy to help.

Shipping amounts vary based on weight for our International Shipping but we do refund excess shipping cost if cheaper at dispatch

UK shipping options available at checkout, free shipping for UK is 2nd class

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Eleanor Butchers

Very happy with my oder they are fantastic

Anne McGhee
Bubbas melts

I love them all. My favourites change from day to day, I love mixing them too. Spoonie warrier gift box is devine and such fun. I almost hate to melt them!! Fabulous!!