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Why Being Disabled Is Still Drama In Public

This actually happened again!!

Why is it still happening? I have bad knees, no cure and will continue to get worse until I need a wheelchair more than I won’t. But for now I can get around with limitations and aids. I needed to pee and to be honest I normally use the standard toilets because I have a phobia of toilets that have the door that opens to the public, which most disabled toilets are like. I prefer a cubicle!

However, this time the queue for the ladies was super long and I knew I didn’t have the pain tolerance to stand and wait that long. So I decided to use my right as someone with disability to use the disabled toilet.

When I came out, there were 2 women standing in the queue for the other toilets and they stared daggers at me. They tutted and both said out loud in front of everyone, ‘Disabled toilets for the disabled, not lazy fat bit@hes who can’t be bothered to queue’! Yep they said that. I looked at them right in their eyes, paused a moment to think, do I be cheeky and rude back? Do I take the opportunity to educate or do I get away as fast as I can?


What would you do in this scenario?

I am super proud of me, I was in feisty Bubba mode and said out loud, ‘wow your attitude is so ugly! Not all disabilities are visible, mine will be one day, but for now, I may appear ‘normal’, but I assure you, if you could see what is going on inside my knees, you would see they are just as ugly as your attitude!’ Then I walked away, dropping the mic!!

Of course I was going over in my head what else I could have said, but to be fair on myself I feel like that was pretty smart of a come back? What do you think? They ended up with red faces and a few folks in the queue clapped so, I felt badass!! I also shouted, …‘google invisible illness, bitches!!’ I’m so bad right!!

The point is, people are always going to judge, no matter what, and there will be times when we choose to have sass and other times when we run away. It is all ok, just try not to let the haters get to you. Some people are just sad little idiots and will never be as awesome as you. Do not let others out there stop you taking that little bit of independence when you want it. Go out, do what you want to do and if someone is going to judge you, just invoke your inner Spicy Bubba and let her out!!

Love yas and keep fighting

Bubba x

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