Hi Guys and welcome to Bubba’s Meltys.  We make homemade scented vegan friendly soy blended candles and wax melts inspired by Chronic Illness, Mental Illness and Disability including my own.  All to help raise awareness and have a little fun.  I was diagnosed with M.E. or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  I also have a degenerative knee disease and will end up in a wheelchair.  I used to be very active, loved walking miles with my dogs and working out, so you can imagine how devastating this was for me when first diagnosed about 8 years ago.

I fully understand how lonely having a chronic illness can be so I set out to reach others one melty at a time.  It took a few years to perfect my melty blends and I only use local UK and Irish ingredients.  Nothing has been tested on animals and everything is cruelty free and locally sourced.  I myself am dark but cute, so my meltys will reflect this.  If you have an questions or queries be sure and Contact Us. For all queries on shipping, go to the Shipping page.


The Melty Show

If you didn’t know, we have our own show

We started our our show a few months back, interviewing fellow spoonies. Our aim is to show others who suffer or are new to chronic illness, mental illness and disability, that you can still live a life and achieve success.

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If you want to be a part of this series please contact me via Instagram or Facebook DM Lots of Love Bubba x