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Which Is Best? Electric Or Tea Light Wax Warmers?

Which Is Best? Electric Or Tea Light Wax Warmers?

Both electric and tea light warmers are widely used, including by me for melting wax melts, but one is a little better than the other and here is why.

I do favour both, but lean more toward electric warmers for a few reasons.

Safety First

Electric wax warmers eliminate the risk associated with an open flame. While tea light warmers rely on an exposed flame to melt wax, electric warmers operate without any flame whatsoever. This significantly reduces the risk of accidents, making electric options safer, especially in homes with children or pets, or those who are maybe students or in flats and not allowed open flames.  The only downside is, well, the Armageddon or a power outage!

Consistent Heat:

 Say goodbye to uneven melting! Electric wax warmers maintain a consistent temperature, ensuring that your wax melts evenly and efficiently releases the fragrance. On the other hand, tea light warmers are susceptible to fluctuations in heat, which can result in uneven melting and diminished scent throw.  They can get too hot and burn off the fragrance too fast.  However, not all electric warmers are made equally, some are designed specifically for their own wax melts and may not get hot enough for others.  Always be cautious of buying off someone who makes wax burners and melts, as they tend to make the burner to suit their own melts!!  There are many levels of burn time in tea light candles, I always recommend the 2-3 hour burn tealights for best results.

Convenience at its Finest

Picture this: effortless operation with just the flip of a switch. That's the convenience electric wax warmers bring to the table. With no need to fuss with matches or tea lights, you can enjoy your favorite scents hassle-free. Additionally, many electric warmers come with features like adjustable settings and timers, allowing you to customize your wax melting experience.  On the other hand you are constricted to an eclectic socket.  If you want to bring your melts to the bath, then tea light warmers are the best, plus you get the candlelight effect.

Eco-Friendly Solution: 

Concerned about your environmental footprint? Electric wax warmers offer a greener alternative to tea light warmers. By eliminating the need for disposable tea lights, electric options help reduce waste and minimize your carbon footprint. Opting for an electric warmer is a small yet impactful step towards sustainable living.


Electric wax warmers come in a variety of styles and designs to suit any aesthetic preference. Whether you prefer sleek and modern or cozy and rustic, there's an electric warmer out there to complement your décor. With their versatility, electric warmers seamlessly integrate into any space, adding both functionality and flair, as well as the use of a lamp!  Although tea light warmers do tend to give that often sought after flickering candle flame feeling.


One of the more obvious reasons for people choosing tea light warmers over electric is cost.  Electric warmers do tend to be more expensive.  Plus if their bulb blows, you have to replace them and well, if you are like me, that can be more drama than its worth!  Whereas tea light warmers are easy to find, tea light candles come in large quantities and tea light warmers tend to be cheaper

In conclusion, while tea light warmers have their charm and certain uses and I do recommend a good one, electric wax warmers undeniably offer a safer, more consistent, and convenient wax melting experience.  But whatever you choose you will always be assured whatever warmer I sell on my website will have been Bubba approved, as I try and test them thoroughly before adding to my site for your convenience.

Which one do you use the most?

Lots of Love 

Bubba x

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