Who would love a wax melt gift?

Who would love a wax melt gift?

Who would love a wax melt gift?

Looking for gift ideas for people who always seem to have everything?

Wax melts are a unique fun quirky gift idea for anyone who has so much pride for their home to people who are obsessed with cleaning.  Also does the person you need to get a gift for have pets? Wax melts that contain odour eliminating technology and are pet friendly, make an amazing gift idea.  Or maybe your friend is a yogi or into wellness?  Melting fragrances with wellness and calmness in mind will always be a top gift score for these people.

Unique Handmade Gift Ideas - Stand Out

There are many more reasons as to why wax melts make fantastic gifts, especially if you buy handmade off a small business.  You will always get higher quality than the big brands or supermarket bought melts.  Plus they can often customise to suit you.  

Feels like You Are Gifting Lots of Things in One Gift!

A top tip is to buy a burner along with the melt just in case the giftee has never used wax melts.  Again if buying melts off a small business, see if they have any burners or gift sets too,  This is usually a great way to ensure you are getting a good wax warmer that works well for the wax melts you are getting.  Be warned not all burners are good.  See this blog for more info on finding the right burner.

Gifts Galore

Wax melts are often shaped and fun and aimed at certain gift ideas or people from Mother’s Day to gothic birthday gift ideas and more.  You will be spoiled for unique choices for that perfect gift idea.  Also Christmas and Halloween ideas or new home or pet or child!!  The list is endless.  So less time thinking of that perfect gift, wax melt shops have you sorted.


Wax melts can feel luxurious like receiving a box of chocolates, with packaging and scent choices and using your burner can all feel like pampering time.  Way more exciting than receiving one candle to burn!

Work From Home Gift!

The gift that keeps on giving way after the gifting event!  A huge amount of people work from home now, which means burning wax melts while working can create a relaxing environment, or trigger energy boosts depending on the scent chosen.  Another way to add some luxury to your day.


Whatever the person needs a wax melt for it is surely available to buy.  Choosing gifts for people can be hard, but wax melts have such a huge variety and choice that you will surely find a gift to suit most!  Leaving you more time to relax and maybe even treat yourself to some melts because they are way more affordable, including handmade, than candles!

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