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NEW! Last Minute Visitors Room Spray - Odour Eliminating

NEW! Last Minute Visitors Room Spray - Odour Eliminating

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Last Minute Visitors Odour Eliminating Room Spray

Natural water based Room Spray, pet friendly and long lasting

approx 120ml

A refreshingly clean floral, citrus scent with undernotes of woody pine

Features Odouraze, which neutralises malodours and eliminates pet smells


Simply shake and spray upwards, will linger for ages


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OMG!! The first of the odour eliminating fragrances now in a room spray is finally here!!  These sprays will make your life even easier!  No time or energy to clean?  Easy, boost your room with the last minute visitors fragrance room spray.  It will eliminate nasty odours from your room and linger for ages.  Use to boost your wax melts or as a last minute fragrance boost to make your home smell like you have been cleaning all day!

I got you xx

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