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NEW! Free The Kaos - Charity Odour Eliminating Wax Melt

NEW! Free The Kaos - Charity Odour Eliminating Wax Melt

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Free The Kaos Odour Eliminating Soy Wax melt

Anyone else too tired to clean the house?

NEW Fragrance - Kaos

Awaken your wild side!  A rich, oriental floral accord combined with fresh citrus top notes and a heart of rose geranium, jasmine and herbal lavender, resting on a woody base enriched with vetivert, amber, musk, vanilla and patchouli.

77g clamshell

We were so inspired by the Kaotic Angels UK Nomads that we decided to create a wax melt around them and donate £1 from every sale to their cause.  They have donated food to 1000s of people and animals including our friends over at Fripps Farm

Find out more about the Nomads here


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We are donating also £1 from the sale of our best seller Last Minute Visitors to Fripps Farm, run by Jodie Marsh.  She is doing amazing work and I really want to show support. 

With having chronic illness it can get in the way of proper house cleaning which is one of the reasons I started using wax melts in the first place!

They are stronger than candles and mask a lot of stinks!!  They can make your home smell like you have been cleaning for hours!!  And now....

This new odour eliminating line will go one further and actually eliminate nasty pet odours or teenage gamer room smells!!

Our new pet odour line has been rebranded and how freaking cute are they? 

Tackle unpleasant home odours and lingering pet smells with this Odouraze fragrance, and leave behind a delightfully fresh and clean citrus scent.

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Ok so pretty much all our fragrances will mask stinks for sure especially the stronger fruity ones! Like cherry boost or rainbow drops, however, we have now added more stronger fragrances that feature odouraze, a technology which is designed to tackle malodours for Home & Pet Smells. You will be able to own melts that remove bad smells and odours from your home!!