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Gonna Need A Bigger Burner!! - Shark Soy Wax Melt

Gonna Need A Bigger Burner!! - Shark Soy Wax Melt

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Gonna Need A Bigger Burner Shark Soy Wax Melts 

4 shark fins and 1 jaws shape

Sea Breeze Scent

 releases an extremely fresh and ozonic marine accord with mossy top notes leading to a floral heart with hints of aldehydes, rose and orchid. All resting on a base of fresh herbs and amber.

2 tubs contain a bloody shark fin in red, if you get one, take a pic and send to me to receive a £10 gift code for the website

Fun and seriously cute!!  This melty is the most unique gift ideas for shark lovers 


About Bubba

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  Helping to raise awareness for our sharks of the sea.  Here at Bubbas Meltys we not only raise awareness for humans who have illness but also animals who are suffering.  We need sharks, yet they are being treated very cruelly especially over in the east!!  Also a shoutout to highlight shark week and chronic pain for us who suffer regularly like being hit by a shark.  You know what I mean!!


please note they are in a jar but we cannot control how careful they are handled once we hand them over to Royal Mail, some make break due to being super fragile.  This will not affect the scent throw and their fragrance job.  It will be annoying for me as the maker too but it is out of my control

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I won

Love the smell of this one AND i found the red sharks fin
*does happy dance