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UNIQUE SCENT! Petrol Clam Soy Wax Melt Very Popular

UNIQUE SCENT! Petrol Clam Soy Wax Melt Very Popular

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Petrol Scent

Heart Clam Pop

approx 50g

A chemical fruity fragrance with notes of cherry almond and grape with hints of gasoline, amber and sweet sugar.

perfect for any petrol heads you know or if you just love weird scents 

soy wax melts in a recycled plastic pot that can also be recycled

vegan friendly

cruelty free

Paraben free fragrance oils

Handmade in Northern Ireland, UK


Place a segment into a tealight or electric burner and allow to melt and fill your room.  Tips and tricks on our Instagram Reels to show you how to remove them once finished.  The easiest way is to pop in the freezer then once frozen simply pop back out of burner.  Or you can heat it up a little and the wax will pop out before fully melting.  Other options on our Instagram.  CLP info provided.  DO NOT EAT! Keep away from kids and pets.  Keep on a flat heat proof surface away from draughts and curtains and anything the tealight flame could get close to.  

Any signs of allergy please stop use immediately

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Customer Reviews

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Mari-Claire Niland
I myself am strange and unusual

This is a stranger ans unusual scent, and as a strange and unusual person I really enjoy it! It does not fill your house with the smell of actual petrol, I'm not sure anyone would really like that, but it does have that back-of-your-nose smoky zing that petrol has. On top of that are hints of black cherry (I think?) and a really addictive, comforting ozone type scent like after a thunderstorm. It's pretty strong, one clam segment filled my open plan living area and lasted ages. It might just be my new fave! Try it, it's amazing.