Forever Loved Charity Wax Melt Info

Forever Loved Charity Wax Melt Info

This wax melt is to help highlight how we tend to avoid talking to people who have lost a child or miscarriage.  But please know simply take their lead but never avoid them!  Talk about if they want to.  I have been asked so many times to create a wax melt for those who have lost a child and I have always avoided it because I was not sure how to!  

But Lauren approached me and asked if I could and was happy to work alongside me in the design process and scent choice.  She helped design everything and we both decided to honour her daughter Bonnie by using her mothers artwork of her on the main label.

We chose witches kitchen scent because it was meant to be.  Let me explain.  Lauren had a scent in her head but could not get it out.  I sent over some samples to her, but when I was making witches kitchen for a restock I had the strongest urge to make an extra one to add into the samples for lauren.  I could not explain it but it was strong so I went with it.

Once she received the samples she got so excited and said OMG Bubba the witches kitchen is the scent I had in my mind, how did you know?  To me that was little Bonnie whispering in my ear to send to her mum, she chose her favourite scent herself!!

I decided to name the scent Bonnie in her honour too for helping me out in finding the scent her mum was looking for!!

Thanks Bonnie and thank you Lauren for your strength and courage in helping to create this amazing wax melt that I hope will show others they are not alone.