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The Importance Of Resting...

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Anyone else struggle with the resting  part of of your illness management?? 

So my rest day yesterday worked!! I’m a lot better than I was but wary to not push too hard or I’ll go backwards and crash. I’m still not as good as I was last week but I’m improving slowly. 

Balancing our illnesses is hard work. We always have the thoughts over us that at any moment we could get very sick and unable to do what we want. Yesterday was a big reminder to me to slow it back down again and remember that  I’m more often than not still in denial that I am sick and disabled. 

It was my knees and my fatigue that hit me bad so I now remember just how bad I actually am, until I start forgetting again while taking it easy then start pushing myself again then start getting the reminders again 

I’ll never learn. I fight everyday but I did give up exercise completely to be able to keep going with Bubbas Meltys I definitely could not do both. I also pulled out of a psychology degree that I was doing and excelling in with the open university because I could not do it and my business. I had to make a choice. This is so often what we spoonies face. Can’t do it all but can try to some of it right. It’s about accepting limits and seeing what we can do instead of trying to do it all. Pick your passion over all others. Even if you have more than one passion and focus on the one you love the most. 

I love what I do and as long as I keep trying to manage my symptoms and allow rest days more regularly then I’ll be fine. I just need to write this to reinstate In my own mind that I need to rest more 

Anyone else struggle to allow themselves to rest? I always push it too far. But I’m going to try to stop that and rest even when I don’t think I need to. It all helps and I most definitely do not want a full crash I have to avoid that as much as possible. 

ME is no joke and still not as well known about it as it should be. There are many assumptions on my illness and not much actual knowledge. Again why I do this because awareness is still something super important to us spoonies because it leads to understanding and empathy and much needed access and help. 

I live with knowing I could end up bed bound permanently at any moment. There are different levels of ME and I have to keep monitoring my symptoms. I know some folks with more mobility than me and some who cannot get out of bed ever. So it is variable and also can change at any moment. Add on top of that my knees to which will keep deteriorating until I can barely walk at all. No cure and no current trials. 

But luckily I’m a naturally positive person and will always try to stay that way. Plus I have you guys which you have no idea how much I value you!! 

So I guess I’m writing this one because I’m stuck on the sofa again after packing orders to charge back up. Again I’m taking it slow today. And two because I think we all need reminding sometimes that each one of us is unique to our symptoms and illnesses and that we should never compare ourselves to others and what they can. We should never ignore our body giving us signals either. Just because one person who’s sick can go do something does not mean that you can do that same thing. Maybe there is something else more suited to you. 

Stay fighting guys but please always listen to your body too.  Limitations are not challenges to overcome. They are guidelines to listen to and learn to work with not against. 

Lots of Love

Bubba x

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