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Skin Picking and Something That May Help

Hey guys I have been so sick with a really bad flu recently which is why I have not been writing much. I could barely keep on top of reposting old reels to keep things going on my socials. But I am finally on the other side of it now!! I am working like a mad woman to try to get caught up on work and get this restock ready for Sunday. I do believe I am a rockstar sometimes, but it does help I love what I do. But I have noticed that I have been skin picking my thumbs a lot recently. So I thought I would trial a product to see if it helps me stop.

I have been picking at the skin a round my thumbs for as long as I have memory. I have no understanding as to why other than what I have read about it. Also known as dermatillomania.

It is a mental health condition where a person compulsively picks or scratches their skin, causing injuries or scarring. Also known as excoriation disorder or skin-picking disorder, this condition falls under the category of obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCDs) - source - Cleveland Clinic

I seem to be most of the time completely unaware that I am even doing it, But when I am, I find it very satisfying to do. I believe it is an anxiety thing for me and figured that a product made to help ease anxiety might in theory help me with my skin picking.

So I had someone recommend the product to me and literally just bought it off Amazon called Pilpoc. A fidget cube designed to help when feeling anxious or over stimulated and so much more. I have been using it for the past couple weeks and now have my results!


So I think it is great to fidget with. I loved the light switch and the circle thing that you can spin. I do find it helps when I am feeling agitated but don’t know why or stressed or anxious or any of those. I do use it when I am aware that I am skin picking too. It is a decent size and I comes in many colours, however I chose the rainbow one so that if I lost it in my mountain of blankets I would find it easier! Bubba logic.

Downside is I do not always have it on me cos I am an empty head or I am picking away at my skin without even noticing! I did also find that while holding the fidget in one hand I was picking the skin on my other hand!! But that’s just me.

It is still early days and will take time for me to get used to using this. I am also going to try other fidgets too as there are a few different ones. This one is my next one to try pilpoc new it looks cool and I want the green, and the price is decent too!

So if you do need anything like this, I do recommend starting with this type and see how you go.

It is going to be such a long journey so I know I may as well try with pretty ones too!

Thank you again for all your kind messages and support to me while I was super sick, I really appreciate that.

You guys are amazing

Lots of Love

Bubba x

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