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Who Hated Math In School?

Maybe you still do hate Math?  

Dyscalculia Wax Melt Collection

Raising awareness of this math version of dyslexia to help show others they are not dumb!!

 I still struggle with math to be honest and did all through school. How many times were you made to feel stupid? 
Honestly I really did think I just was dumb! However I did often ponder as a child if there was a math version of dyslexia. Even at that young an age I had the depth of thought to realise that there could well be. Only when in adulthood did I find out about dyscalculia!! 
In fact I suspected my son has it too and it was his primary 7 teacher who mentioned it to me as well. I felt so validated that she brought it up as she was head of math department and knew her stuff. She did say that in the U.K. we are 20 years behind other countries in testing and developing people who have this. Even just getting a diagnosis is hard. 
I actually gave up trying to get one for my son. We went in a circle literally seeing experts all saying we needed to see the next person until back to the start. It was an absolute disgrace. 
Anyhoo, I just wanted to make this collection to maybe help someone else out there who may have this. Maybe you haven’t heard of it? Not a lot of folks have. But maybe you can look into it and get some treatment. But most important of all you will see that you are not dumb your brain is wired differently just!! I really do hope this reaches someone who needs to see it right now. I know how stressful and lonely it can be when you are so far behind and just not understanding!! I got your back!
Melt one down and acknowledge to yourself that you are not dumb you just see things differently to the accepted way of math!! 
Lots of Love
Bubba x
Bourbon street scent was chosen this time because math can lead you to drink!!😆 🖤🖤 


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