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How I Grew My Wax Melt Brand from Scratch


Why You Might Be Overthinking Your Marketing Strategy or Underestimating Your Ability

Hey guys! If you're like me, you've probably wondered how to get your brand out there in the big, wide world of marketing, and even worse wondered what the heck is marketing and where do I begin?  Well, let me share my journey and some valuable tips that helped me grow my brand, Bubba's Meltys, from a small hobby project to a thriving  6 figure business with no marketing experience or knowledge at all.  Heck I barely knew what a hashtag was when I first opened an Instagram account.


First things first, don't stress about it too much! Seriously, I'm no marketing guru either. I just dove in and went with what I loved, and that's where the magic happened. People are drawn to authenticity, so let your passion shine through in everything you do.  I actually had no marketing intent when I started.  Or maybe it was but I didn’t realise at the time that I was in fact doing marketing.  Posting your product with your branding and talking about it on social media is marketing!  That was all I did at the start.  I told my story through the shaped wax melts and posted to Instagram (I only had insta at this point) and wrote descriptions about why I chose this shape and what I was trying to achieve in the wax melt.  

It was almost like a gallery for my art, except I wasn't painting great masterpieces or taking insane photography shots.  I was simply feeling a way about my chronic illness, creating wax melts to capture that feeling, including the choice of scent and then writing my description to explain it!  That was it and little did I know at that time I was doing marketing!!

This method really worked for me because I was sharing my story. I started by talking about my own experiences and using my wax melts to tell that story. Whether it was raising awareness for a cause close to my heart or simply sharing the joy of melting wax, people resonated with the authenticity of my content.  This is what I recommend you do.  No one else is you right?  So be you!  Start with your own story.  It is the exact thing I did at the start and actually continue to do right now!


I didn't have a clear target audience in mind at first, I didn’t even have a business plan or a target at all. When I say I had no idea what I was doing, I literally mean it!   I just wanted to connect with people like me – fellow spooky spoonies in the UK. And you know what? They found me!  I even managed to connect with folks outside of the UK too, which still blows my mind that I can say I ship my wax melts  all over the world now.  By staying true to myself and my interests, while also valuing what my growing audience were saying, I naturally attracted customers who shared those same passions.


Social media was my best friend when it came to marketing. Platforms like Instagram allowed me to showcase my products and engage with my audience on a personal level. I shared photos, talked about the inspiration behind each melt, and even shared snippets of my daily life. And before I knew it, people were clamoring to get their hands on my melts.  This then led me to expand onto other social media platforms like tiktok and then onto facebook.  Again all organically and not intentional!  It just felt right.  Some customers didn't have instagram and asked me to set up a facebook page.  Again I just listened to my audience.


Oh and do not sweat the haters!  At the start I had many competitors emailing me to criticize me.  Saying I was doing things wrong here and there.  But instead of getting upset, I explored what they were saying.  In their haste to attack me, they had actually been pointing out things I WAS doing wrong (again remember, I learn by doing, I jump in and start swimming)!  So I would then adjust and fix the mistakes they pointed out and grow more lol ... .So who won there really!!  And of course my now legendary reels have been an awesome and successful way for me to take what haters are saying to me and create into entertaining content, which in the long run grows my audience and potential customers.  So never sweat the haters.  Folks are now copying me, but that’s ok too, that’s normal.  Annoying because you wish folks could learn their own path but again, I will always be the first who did it and people will know that!  So copy away!!


As my brand grew, I knew I needed to level up my game. I switched to Shopify to streamline my online store and learned basic design skills to create my own labels and web layout. Listening to feedback – both positive and negative – was crucial. When customers expressed a desire for vegan-friendly options, I pivoted to soy wax and never looked back.  When they wanted clamshell options and not just shaped wax, I totally made it happen.  When they wanted the packaging to help the planet I worked hard to find a clamshell that can hold the wax safely as well as travel all over the world but can be 100% recyclable!  And I did that again by listening to my customers.  Not to mention ensuring my wax melts were pet friendly too!  I mean that was easy because I have dogs and use them myself!


You already have everything you need to succeed right at your fingertips. Social media and email lists are powerful tools for growing your brand and connecting with your audience. But the biggest key to marketing your brand is YOU!  Don't be afraid to share your story and let your personality shine through – it's what sets you apart from the competition.

And remember, it's okay to seek help if you need it. If marketing isn't your cup of tea, consider hiring someone to lend a hand as you grow.  Simply put some cash aside until you have enough!  But don't let fear or uncertainty hold you back. Take that first step, stay true to yourself, and watch your wax melt brand soar to new heights. Learn as you go, don't waste time trying to learn something else!  Focus on your wax melt formula and be yourself!  That's literally it….oh and maybe one more thing….patience!!  Happy melting! 🕯️

Lots of Love

Bubba x

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