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Disabled Parking Needs To Change

Anyone else with a disability get stressed out with how there never seems to be enough disabled parking spaces anywhere you go?

It is absolutely ridiculous how I often see more mother and baby than disabled and some places even have the cheek to put the mother and baby spaces at a more convenient position than the disabled spaces!

Why based on the fact there are more people in the world and I am sure more people fighting some form of mobility issue who could do with more convenient parking spaces.

I see these places building more car parks yet they never add more disabled spaces. It is so common now to see them all filled that we just know to not even bother.

I had to park so far away the last time I was out due to zero disabled spaces available that I almost cancelled my flu vaccine! I did go as I had my son and crutch with me and I knew I had to get my vaccine or risk paying for that later with a bad flu that triggers my M.E.! So I parked far away and walked!

By the time I was walking back to the car my hip had started to nip and my knees were doing their feeling like tiny pieces of broken glass inside my tissue every time I walk! It was agony. I had to go slow and lean into my son. Once I got to the car I was even thinking about calling my partner to come get us, leave my car and get it the next day. I was so sore. The post office is a half hour drive away from my home. I do get someone to come take the parcels most times, but sometimes I like to do it to get out.

My car is an automatic so I only need my right leg for driving but unfortunately it was my right hip that was hurting. We sat for a little while, I took another painkiller and decided to go for it. I knew if I was bad I could pull over and still call Tom to come get us. But I am stubborn that is very true of me and I am sure a lot of you guys are too. In fact most of spoonies are super stubborn it is how we get through our daily fight right?

Anyhoo, I did get home, but had to rest on the sofa with my frozen my peas on my hips and knees, definitely find they work best! It is annoying but what else can we do? I had to rest, had I pushed myself further, I would not be able to walk at all for at least 3 days! That happened a few times now that I have learned not to do that! We do start to learn our limitations, so if you are new to being chronically sick, you will find your balance, your limits. So hang in there.

Ok rant over, but please let me know I am not the only one getting annoyed about this?

Oh and to save you any hassle searching, if you are looking for a decent crutch, the ones I have which are awesome are from a company called Osseenberg, pretty sure I got them on Ebay maybe, or maybe from them directm was yeasr ago so can’t remember, but here us their link;

Bubbas Crutches

They have so many options now too.

A little closer to home I found these guys and they look fun and I will most likely buy from them soon

Cool Crutches

Always nice to see places where you can make them a little more custom too!! You can design your own too, so I am so up for that!! They do crutches and walking sticks and spooky vibes too!! Right up my followers street right?

I am not sponsored so this is my own opinion

Let me know of any shops you love too for spoonie necessities.

Love yas

I always feel better after writing a blog!!

Bubba x

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