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Using up your spoons!

Ok this is so relatable!!

I was so excited to be getting out for a meal to celebrate Halloween. I even rested yesterday so I would be able to save up some energy. So we did get out and food was awesome but now I’m crashing argh so stuck on the sofa now. This is the part no one sees except for those super close to us. All those who do not understand our illnesses never see the down side only the side of us out with makeup on. Not even the side that we have to do in preparation to go out in the First place. I just want you guys to know you are not alone in this. Keep doing what you have to do for the smaller achievements and try not to worry about others and what they think. If all they want to see is what’s in front of them and not what happens for us to achieve what they see then that says more about them than you. Hang in there and keep fighting 🖤🖤 enjoy small wins and crash when you gotta 🖤

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