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Phone Call Anxiety

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Ok I have to say this is something relatively new for me. I’d say over the last couple years where I get extremely anxious if I have to make a phone call. Including actual physical symptoms kicking in!! Even something silly like a doctors appointment or hair appointment. Don’t even try me calling the local takeaway. I’d sooner starve. I will put it off as much as possible and try to find a reason to get my partner to do it instead. Again something new for him to learn how to handle from a partners point of view that does not suffer anxiety. If I have no choice then I Will procrastinate as long as possible then proceed to rehearse what I need to say. My anxiety is insane honestly. I was not always like this. But I’m slowly working on it and putting my big girl pants on. Well trying to with a lot of help 😆. But yeah I think this needs highlighted more too and not made a joke of because this is a real thing with a lot of folks and it is highly stressful for us. Tell me how you manage it what are your tips to help you when you have to make a phone call? Has anyone ever made fun of you for it? Fear not the melty army is here to support you. We are not afraid to throw a crutch at a hater for you 😆 🖤🖤

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I identify with this soooo much! It has always been a hated task but I could do it. For some reason, as my MS progresses, my ability or willingness to make phone calls goes out the window. I have my partner make as many phone calls as humanly possible… Email over talking any day! Thanks for helping me not feel alone in this!


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