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Finally facing a fear I have been putting off for years

This blog's subject is titled Face It after the wax melt named the same.  Inspired by me recently facing an anxiety fear right in the face!!

 I booked a stall at a local fair!!  I used to do them all the time, but stopped.  It was because I went through another anxiety phaze which I do every so often.  I got into my own head and removed myself from face to face stalls and retreated back to online.

No more!  I am getting back out there.  My son is old enough to help me so that is a bonus.  I mean being sick and disabled has a lot of challenges and I am constantly trying to find ways around them.  One of them is something like being out on a stall all day long talking to people and hustling.  It is hard on my body and I end up on the sofa for a few days.  

But I am never one to let anything or anyone tell me what to do, including my own body.  I took the plunge and just picked something local. It is an agricultural show, but lots of people go and lots of stalls attend.  I am also local to it so not a lot of traveling.  I just need my partner Tom to help me set up and my son to be with me to help out.  That is something that really eases my anxiety - just having a trustworthy person.  One of my friends who is local is also running a stall there so that is awesome too.  Having someone I know.

I have also contacted the folks who run it and explained I am disabled and told them my needs.  You will find folks are willing to help nowadays more too.

So out of my head and into the real world!  Looking forward to meeting some folks too. That is always fun.  Plus more people getting my meltys!!  

It did take me a while to come around to booking it.  I was definitely unsure.  Just with my pain and the website being busy I was wondering if I even have the time.  But I told myself off and pressed the button to book the slot!  Too late, it's done now, paid for so I have to do it.  Sometimes we have to push ourselves right?

What about you?  Is there something you want to do but are afraid?  Is it your illness stopping you?  Is there a way around it?  Often there is a way, but sometimes there is not.  Sometimes we have to be ok with not being able to do something.  There are so many things I can no longer do and I still get mad and upset, but I have to try to focus on the things I can do.  There is always something.

Each of us are different so never compare yourself.  I find myself doing that sometimes too, but then I have to kick myself and say, ‘you rock at what you can do’, keep going!

You may even surprise yourself sometimes!!

But now I have anxiety, which is normal for me to be fair.  I am worried about being unprepared, finding my brand stand for the stall or having enough stock made for it and my website.  But underneath that I also know that I will be fine.  I will get it done, I have done bigger shows before!  I got this and so do you.

Just remember if you ever doubt yourself or feel you want to do something but cannot see a way to do try asking someone else.  Even DM me, because sometimes someone else can see what you can’t.  If it is impossible, then try not to dwell and see what else there is.

It is an honour to be able to do any of the things I can not do because I know in time I will not be able to do some of them.  So enjoy it while you can and don’t let anxiety win!

Love yas

Keep Fighting

Bubba x

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