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Why Showers Suck!

This is probably one of the most relatable things for us spoonies!! Showering can take so much out of us then add on top of that drying your hair and urgh I’m done 😆 sometimes I wish I could just chop it all off right? Who else has to rest after a shower? Anyone rest during your shower so In between shampoo and conditioner? Lucky I have a shower seat that helps. What else do you do to make showering easier?? Baths are a whole other drama for me as getting in and out is pretty much impossible now! Anyone else new to their spoonie life? Please do not worry you are not alone there are so many of us more OG spoonies more than happy to give advice and be a gentle shoulder when you need it 🖤🖤
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I have a chronic illness I have ckd stage 5 awaiting dialysis and transplant. I get exhausted so easily going up stairs to the loo all day practically kills me each time so the f*** my bladder melts are a funny but smells lovely one that I resonate with. I’ve polished and hoovered downstairs this morning time for a nana nap now I’m beat! Love you and your stuff keep being you xx

Gillian ward

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