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LOW STOCK! I Hate My Fu@kin Bladder! Wax Melt

LOW STOCK! I Hate My Fu@kin Bladder! Wax Melt

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I Hate My Fu@kin Bladder!

approx 50g

Cranberry and Fig Scent

A juicy cranberry fragrance with notes of sweet fig, a hint of candy spice and a light floral musky background.

Do you find yourself constantly needing to use the bathroom? You're not alone! Inspired by Bubba's personal experiences with bladder issues, we understand the challenges it can bring. That's why we've created our soothing wax melts to help you create a peaceful environment and find some relief and also feel that little less alone.

  • 100% Soy Wax Used Ethically Sourced Ingredients
  • Very High Scent Load & Long Lasting Use
  • Vegan and pet friendly
  • Strong outdoor scent 
  • Used By Bubba and invokes a soothed soul!
  • Packaging is 100% recyclable
  • Can be used in both high wattage electric burners and tea light burners
  • Returns policy 
  • Secure payment
  • Made by a person with Chronic Illness, mental Illness and or Disability
  • Don't like the scent? No problem, swap on our Melty Army Group!
  • Ready to ship from UK fast

    Living with a frequent need to urinate can be overwhelming and stressful. We sympathize with anyone going through similar struggles. In fact, Bubba is currently on a waiting list to address her bladder concerns too. We know firsthand how it can disrupt your daily life and even pose a threat to your overall well-being.

    Bladder conditions can have various causes, affecting many individuals. Our hearts go out to those who suffer. In our case, the situation has become so severe that Bubba can't even visit friends or family members who don't have a downstairs toilet. It's not just the stairs, due to bad knees and always needing to pee!!

    We understand the struggle, and that's why we've created this wax melt. It will provide a relaxing and comforting ambiance, helping you create a serene atmosphere at home. With our soothing scents filling the air, you can escape from the stress and find a moment of tranquility, before you gotta pee again!

    Discover the power of sweet fig and candied spice, and take some you time.  Embrace a lifestyle of relaxation.  You deserve it!




    Break off a piece and place into a suitable burner.  Light an unscented tea light and place underneath the dish.  Allow wax to fully melt to release full scent throw.  Use until you do not smell anymore.  This will vary depending upon your tea lights, burner, nose, room size and how long you burn for.  Some scents are stronger than others too.  Please allow on average 3 reburns per melt.

    Lots of helpful melting tips including removing the used wax from burner on our social media....look for @bubbasmeltys on Instagram 

    or Facebook (78k followers!) Come join the community

    Come say hi to Bubba there and ask any questions for fast response

    Bubbas Meltys are fully insured and clp compliant for UK and EU regulations.

    Any questions ask away happy to help.

    Shipping amounts vary based on weight for our International Shipping but we do refund excess shipping cost if cheaper at dispatch

    UK shipping options available at checkout, free shipping for UK is 2nd class


    Any signs of allergy please stop use immediately



    may cause allergies

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