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BEST SELLER! Insomnia Sleepy Head Wax Melt

BEST SELLER! Insomnia Sleepy Head Wax Melt

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Insomnia Soy Wax Melt Sleepy Head Scent

Clamshell 50g

Dupe fragrance of a famous high street bath bomb brand

A tranquil mix of lavender, tonka and ylang ylang.


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Insomnia sucks, lots of people suffer and there are different levels.  Some folks suffer due to chronic pain, otherwise known as painsomnia.  I myself am  in so much pain that I can’t get comfortable and can’t fall asleep.  If I do manage to sleep I’m often wakened from my pain.  Other times, my mind won’t stop worrying about what I need to get done and whether i’ll be ok to do it.  I often wake up several times in the night, take forever to fall asleep and can lie awake seeing every hour.  Its horrible then there’s the after effects of no sleep and the impact it has on me the next day


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