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Taking Charge of My Hip Pain : My Journey to Discovering a Way to A New Normal

Embarking on my journey to address my persistent hip pain has been nothing short of a life-changing experience. Frustrated with the extensive waiting lists on the NHS, I made the decision to seek private medical care. Little did I know that this choice would lead me to a diagnosis of hip bursitis, a condition known for its agonizing discomfort.

For years, I had relied on cortisone injections as a temporary solution, hoping they would provide long-lasting relief. However, despite their initial efficacy, the pain always resurfaced, leaving me terrified of when it will flare. Seeking a second opinion, I consulted with a specialist who presented me with groundbreaking information. A recent study had revealed that while cortisone injections offer short-term relief, they are not as effective in the long run. This realization mirrored my own experiences, highlighting the need for an alternative approach.

The specialist recommended an exciting new path: physiotherapy aimed at strengthening the weakened area. The prospect of potentially recovering from this debilitating condition was a revelation. Given that my other illnesses and disabilities were chronic with no cure, the possibility of finding relief through physiotherapy was both encouraging and daunting. I understood that this path would be arduous and painful, with the likelihood of flare-ups and temporary loss of mobility. However, the allure of long-term improvement was simply too tempting to ignore.

With a renewed sense of hope, I have embarked on my physiotherapy journey, determined to regain my mobility and reduce the impact of hip bursitis on my daily life. It won't be easy, but I am prepared to face the challenges head-on. Armed with resilience and the support of my physiotherapist, I am ready to push through the pain and embrace the possibility of a better future—one where my hip pain no longer holds me back.

Wish me luck and I will of course keep you guys informed of my journey xx

pictured artwork is from the unstoppable dreams clamshell....very perfect for this feeling right now that I have!

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