What Is The Point Of Wax Melts?

What Is The Point Of Wax Melts?

Why Use Wax Melts?

Wax melts have been around for a long time now and many people are still discovering them.  What I can say is that once you try them, you tend to stick with them over candles.

Wax melts have many advantages and are a huge part of the home fragrance gift world.  People are using them and also now making them after a huge boost during lockdown in 2020.

Think of wax melts as flameless candles for home fragrance.

What are their benefits?

Stronger Fragrance Throw: 

Wax melts usually contain a larger scent load than candles and can throw stronger fragrance into your room.  Most people who have been using scented candles tend to be shocked by how much stronger a wax melt is.  This is usually why most stick with wax melts once they start using them.

Endless Fragrance Varieties: 

Compared to getting a box of chocolates.  You want to try them all right?  Well wax melts are no different.  There are huge ranges of fragrances to choose from and most importantly, for the equivalent cost of a standard candle you can get 5 or more different wax melts.  This means you can change out the scent to match your mood, rather than being stuck with one fragrance until the candle is done!

Safety First: 

With electric warmers, there's no need to worry about open flames or smoke. Enjoy the fragrance without the safety concerns, making wax melts a perfect choice for homes with children or pets.  Keep out of their reach of course.  I would also add that with the use of plant based waxes and high quality fragrances, wax melts are safer in that they do not emit black soot and toxins like paraffin and more. 

Year-Round Comfort: 

Whether it's dark and cold outside or the sun is shining, wax melts set the perfect mood. Cozy up your space with warm, comforting scents in the winter, or transport yourself to the beach with fresh, summery ocean fragrances.

Odour Eliminating: 

Tired of cleaning the house all day but still smell your dog? You can now choose odour-eliminating wax melts that not only mask but actually bind to nasty smells, leaving your room smelling fresh and clean without harsh chemicals or getting down on your knees to scrub!  Leaving more time to do what you enjoy.

Cost-Effective Luxury: 

Like mentioned earlier, wax melts are more affordable than candles.  Ranging from a good quality handmade wax melt selling approx £3.69 per 50g to a standard candle costing around £20!  You are stuck with one fragrance with candles whereas wax melts can allow choice even in samples on most websites now.

Easy to Use:

Simply pop a wax melt into your warmer, flick the switch, or light your tea light, and let the magic happen. No fuss, no mess—just instant ambiance and fragrance at your fingertips.

Why not try our huge range, once you start it is addicting, you have been warned!

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