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Bubbas Meltys



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 PainKiller Bubba Bomb

Purple Rain Scent 

Large Bath Bomb

As featured in our socials 

approx 140g

Hand painted and hand made by fellow spoonie bath bomb experts and designed by Bubba (revised edition)

Initial Scent with most impact: Fruit Cocktail and Lime
Truest Nature of Fragrance:  Lemon and Crisp Vodka
Supporting Base, and lasting scent: Fruit Cocktail, with Cranberry

Raising awareness for the stress of using pain killers.  A lot of us need pain relief to get through the day to help us with our chronic pain.  For myself I hate having to rely on them.  I cannot get through a day without them, it doesn't take the pain away but takes the edge off.  I do stress daily about long term damage to my internal organs, but what choice do I have? I want this collection to speak to others to show you that you are not the only one thinking like this....I do remain hopeful that we will get something one day to help us...hang in there guys...

Watch it fizz away and reveal the red that represents our pain all ending in a stunning purple or blue colour

I have wanted to have bath bombs for my customers for so long now but took forever to find the right person to work with.  Luckily I now have, they are able to create the mould for me too!!  Would take me too long to learn the craft and get them to the standard of my melts so I hired these lovely fellow spoonies to utilise their bath bomb making expertise for me to get them to you faster.  So pleased with them

Lots of Love

Bubba x

Vegan friendly

Cruelty free


ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Parfum, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil,Polysorbate 80, MICA, TITANIUM DIOXIDE, TIN OXIDE, CI 45100/42090/77019/77891/77861/77491/77007.

  Allergens: benzyl alcohol, citronellol, geraniol, limonene, linalool

Warning: Not for use in children under 3
if product gets into eyes rinse well with clean water
warning! may make surfaces slippy & will cause staining if held!
keep out of reach of children & animals
do not eat!

Directions:Run the water into your bathtub to a comfortable bath temperature 
Place your a few bath rocks in the water.
Wait 3-6 minutes for the bath bomb to dissolve 
and release its scent.
Pop yourself in the tub.
Relax and let your worries float away 

                                                     best before: AUG 2024
140g Batch no: S13082023BR

MANUFACTURED FOR BUBBAS MELTYS BY bebold eire, adelaide road, d02 p950, +35385140466
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