THE WAXORCIST- Mini Melty – Sacrificial Blood Scent




70mm dia

Vegan soy blend candle melt with Sacrificial Blood Scent

releases a mysterious blend of rich earthy notes combined with sweet spicy amber notes and woody notes of patchouli and cedarwood. with a strong sweet fantasy blueberry fragrance with soft notes of raspberry and apple.

We are always battling something, from mental illness to disability or from financial struggles to phobias.  This collection salutes all of those who are suffering but battling on and remaining a good soul.  Choosing to exorcise our own demons, never giving up, fighting through it all.  Never give up on yourself.  No matter how big or small your demons (problems) are.  If you choose to fight, then you are a warrior.  If you ask for help to fight, then you are strong, not weak.  This collection symbolises those who are struggling with some kind of demon, but are choosing to fight, rather than let them win.  Even small victories like doing the school run when in a lot of pain from disability, or going for that job interview while suffering severe anxiety.  Asking someone for help, or sharing your problem, will always weaken the demon (problem).  The white skull symbolises you, good and pure, the black that oozes from the skull symbolises you releasing your inner demons forcing them to melt.  When they fully melt and mix they become a beautiful silver grey colour, symbolising the weakening of the demons (problems) from black to grey.  This collection is here to salute anyone who has or is fighting something with strength and courage while remaining a good person.  You just never know what is behind someone’s smile, so please try to be kinder to each other. .

Perfect to start with bubbas meltys, value way to try them.  You get the pentagram from the bigger collection.  Makes a fab gift.  Great idea for wholesalers, although please contact us regarding quantities as can save you more xx

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Warning and Safety 

These are scented wickless candles, please do not eat.

Cut off a piece to ensure suitable size for tea light or electric burner, to avoid over spill.  place in the well of the burner and allow to melt down into a wax pool.  The fragrance will release into your room.  As with all scented products, some allergies may occur, if they do, please stop use.  Never leave unattended and if using tea light burners, please use candle rule care.  Do not place near flammable items and keep on a heat proof flat surface away from draughts.  Keep away from kids and pets.  Do not move burner when in use.  Use unscented candles.  If smoking comes from the burn pool, please blow out and allow to set.  Remove tea lights or use less tealights or change to smaller tea lights.  Add more wax to the pool if there is room as this may help.

Due to the hand made nature of these products, colours and shapes may vary.  Scented to the max.  Colours may fade over time due to soy wax composition and no preservatives used.  This will not affect the use,  Try to use within 12 months of purchase.  Use caution when removing used wax from burner.  Please email us with any questions, happy to help.


Please note that all responsibility for use of our wax melts and candles falls on you.  We cannot be held responsible for misuse of our products or any injury or damage that occurs with use of our products, due to lack of care or attention.  All safety information is provided and purchasing any of our products signifies your acceptance of our policies and information. Our maximum liability to you is the amount of the product you purchased from us originally.