Rheum For Us All – Winter Spice and Candy Cane Scent


Rheum For Us All

Winter Spice and Candy Cane Scent

Limited Edition

3 fingers included

This new collection has a few meanings  The most obvious being that it is raising awareness for Rheumatoid Arthritis where one of the major symptoms are disfiguring of the hands in particular the joints of the fingers

I also wanted to use this to show that no matter what we look like on the outside there is room/ rheum for us all in this world

stop treating those of us with disabilities like we are useless or offer pity, we are pretty capable of many things.

The world needs to change and start supporting instead of trying to hide us all away.  Ignorance is not good enough anymore, there is a vast ocean of knowledge out there and easier to access than ever.  So ignorance is simply not acceptable.  Educate yourselves to understand which will enable you to empathise and offer help when needed instead of judgement.

if you see someone using a disabled toilet without a wheelchair, don’t jump straight to attack or tuts and glares, assume the best of them, assume they may have a hidden disability like crohns or MS or autism and need the extra space.  That one change will make a significant difference to that persons day.  A smile instead of a glare.
I have faced it myself when using the disabled parking and toilets when I haven’t had my wheelchair or crutch.  I want people to stop the hate and assuming the worst of someone.  Try the positive approach guys because the difference it will make for that person fighting some form of illness or disability including autism too is immense.  You cannot always ser it as clearly as how rheumatoid arthritis can look in someone but there are so many out there that cannot be seen immediately, so please just assume they are using those toilets for a reason.
I understand that some people are just assholes and use disabled parking and toilets when they really don’t need it, but I would like to assume that they are becoming less common. Sadly there will always be someone abusing these facilities but don’t let those who are genuine suffer and be judged for the few assholes in this world

lots of love

Bubba x


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