Pumpkinderella Coffee Mocoloco Scent


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Coffee Scent

releases a fragrance reminiscent of freshly brewed coffee with rich creamy vanilla and chocolate

2 large 3d pumpkins -2 2d pumpkin

Do not forget pumpkins are for life not just for Halloween

approx 30g each

Inspired by the limited time we spoonies have in a day to get things done before we turn back into a pumpkin.  We can only do so much before our illnesses take over again

Inspired by Cinderella who needed to be home by midnight before her carriage changed back into a pumpkin and all the other illusions she had became their true self.  We spoonies create an illusion of being better than what we really are, but we can only do this for so long before it all appears!

Going out for a social occasion is very stressful and also time limited. We hide our true pain and symptoms from everyone. This becomes very stressful as the day goes on. Whether we are at a wedding or birthday party or even work!! But we only have so long of trying to be “normal” before the pain, anxiety or fatigue become too much and reveal the true extreme of how bad we are. We feel like we must get back to our sofas and beds before it all gets too much and pain comes out.
We don’t want folks to see just how bad we are. For many reasons. Mostly we don’t want pity. We want to fit in like Cinderella did. But the truth is that we only have so much time before we turn back into a pumpkin. So please if you know someone with a chronic illness mental illness and or disability, know that they are feeling the pressure to appear normal but inside the clock is ticking and they will need to get home by a certain time before they can’t take anymore of trying to socialise and act like the pain isn’t too bad.

Fellow spoonies don’t be hard on yourself. If you can’t attend something don’t let anyone make u feel guilty. If you do attend, don’t push yourself until the pumpkin appears. Excuse yourself and get back to your safe place. If anyone judges you then they are just the ugly stepsisters ?