NEW UNICORN POWER – Large – Unicorn Farts Scent



Unicorn Farts Scent

1 LARGE chopping bar   min weight 70g plus an extra unicorn head

releases a delicious, edible smelling fragrance with notes of creamy, lemon fondant combined with a vanilla cake and covered in sweet, royal icing.

This collection is inspired by my good and bad days.  Good days are rare, almost mythical and beautiful like a unicorn, whereas we have to invoke power and strength to get through our bad days.  We are fierce, beautiful and strong; like a unicorn.   Of course this collection can also be for folks who simply like happy enchanted unicorn lands with pretty scented unicorn farts.   Bubba’s MEltys are for everyone. Let’s come together and share our chronic illness, mental health and disability stories. We are all one community and here to help each other.

(Cruelty free vegan soy and paraffin blend scented and coloured candle melts)

please note colours vary subject to availability and may be different to the one pictured

Lots of Love

Bubba x


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