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True Crime Time Wax Butter – Nag Champa Scent


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Nag Champa Scent

Releases the aroma of classic incense with woody notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and patchouli, plus spicy notes of cinnamon.

approx 250ml

comes with free wooden spoon to scoop out the butter , if you do not receive a spoon please note these are added for free and only subject to availability

Comes with free wax melt on top

Are you a true crime fan?  Melt and enjoy your latest book or tv show.  I love to watch documentaries.

Melty butters are so easy to use, simply scoop out the required amount for your burner.  Allow to fully melt to release fragrance.  Works in both tea light and electric burners.  Once finished simply scoop back out of the burner!! Easy

Screw lid to keep for ages!!!

Please note due to these being softer than wax melts and designed to be of a buttery consistency they may soften further during transit especially during summer.  Please place in fridge to try to harden it a bit more.  Should still work and throw scent despite not being as pretty.  Any problems simply message me.  The consistency may have to be made a little harder during summer time.  So if you notice them harder that is why.  They will still be butter though.  Sadly not much we can do about courier vans

saftey – Contains Ethyl methylphenylglycidate. May produce an allergic

Please note due to soy wax shortages currently, your butter may contain some coconut wax

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