NEW!! Sick Not Dead – Violet Cupcakes Scent


Sick Not Dead

Violet Cupcakes Scent

2 coffins and 1 castle melty included

approx 70 g

releases an overall floral fragrance dominated by violet, blended with hints of rose and fruity nuances in a creamy smooth cupcake.

Inspired by the grieving process of finding out you have a chronic illness mental illness and or disability. It’s likened to grieving the loss of a loved one. You literally are losing the old healthy you. This collection focuses more on the stage where you feel alone. Like no one around you understands how you are feeling or what you going through. The isolation is very common in spoonies.

I want to use this collection to highlight that you are not alone. There is a huge community of fellow spoonies who truly understand what you are going through. This community will make you feel safe and protected.

Our melty collection for this has a coffin and a castle shape. The coffin represents isolation and the illness and the castle represents the community and safety and protection.

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