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New! F**k M.E. Coffee Clam


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F**k M.E.

Clam Pop

approx 50-60g

Coffee Scent

 releases a fragrance reminiscent of freshly brewed coffee with rich creamy vanilla and chocolate.

This Clam is inspired by my own chronic illness M.E.

SO this one Is close to my heart as this is what I suffer with.  Me/CFS otherwise known as Myalgic Encephalomyeltis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  I must stress there is a lot more to this disease than simply feeling tired.  There are also many variations per person.  Personally, I get a few symptoms, some of which are, Extreme Fatigue, both body and mind or either or.  I can barely move at all, even trying to scratch my head can be hard as my arm won’t move.  I also get muscle malaise, this is horrible, I can feel like I have just done an extreme workout when I only walked from the living to bathroom.  My legs get so fatigued and I get so tired.  This is very hard for me as I used to be high energy and loved to workout and walk miles.  I also get brain fog and anxiety (another collection).  I get chronic pain in my joints, then add in the cognitive problems that come with it.  I can have problems with communicating, I have the words on my tongue but cannot seem to get them out.  I often don’t understand simple instructions and I forget things so easily.  There are many more symptoms that fall under the umbrella of ME and I urge you to read up on it.  Awareness leads to understanding, leads to empathy, leads to breaking down stigmas. 

This collection can also be relevant to someone who has any chronic illness too, the ME part is me or you depending how you read it!  So you are saying piss off to your illness.  More variety will be coming soon too.  If you want to see your own illness represented, please contact us via Insta DM.

Highly fragranced 6 segment clamshell focused on fragrance more than colouring and art

Perfect for sampling fragrances and value for money as will last ages

soy wax melts in a recycled plastic pot that can also be recycled

vegan friendly

cruelty free

Paraben free fragrance oils

Handmade in Northern Ireland, UK

Place a segment into a tealight or electric burner and allow to melt and fill your room.  Tips and tricks on our Instagram Reels to show you how to remove them once finished.  The easiest way is to pop in the freezer then once frozen simply pop back out of burner.  Or you can heat it up a little and the wax will pop out before fully melting.  Other options on our Instagram.  CLP info provided.  DO NOT EAT! Keep away from kids and pets.  Keep on a flat heat proof surface away from draughts and curtains and anything the tealight flame could get close to.  

Any signs of allergy please stop use immediately



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