Lavender Mini Pop


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Lavender Scent

Approx 20g

releases a diffusive fresh herbal lavender fragrance, supported by notes of floral geranium and gentle musks.

colours will vary and picked at random

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Mini pops are all approx 20g / 1 oz but may be a little more as they are hand poured and sometimes go a little too high, these pots will not close properly so we have to use tape.  Win for you as you will get more wax. Some pops will be coloured as they are often made at the same time as their larger collections.  If not then they will be soy colour...often we decorate with some glitter as we just cant help ourselves! These pops are perfect for sampling the larger more expensive collections, a great way to test the scent.  These are more for scent than colours etc. Shipping is set as always, for UK its sent via courier and there is a cap so if your order ends up heavier than estimated we will send you an invoice for the difference...however, pops dont weigh a lot, so you can get quite a few.  This also applies to international and Europe.  Vice versa, if your order is lighter than the set amount for shipping paid we will refund the differnce