Large Mystery Mix Box


Large Mystery box

Are you stuck? No idea what to pick? Just want bits of everything so that you can try and see what you like? Then this box is perfect. It should last you the month depending on how many you use a week!! But will have something from most product lines, mini pops, large pops, mini meltys, large meltys, maybe even a candle and  the simmering granules launch. Cost reflects the amount you get inside but you will mostly always get more than what you pay. All subject to stock availability.  Great way to start off. Then you will have a better idea of what you like for the next time, let the gods of wax decide ?

You may get duplicates but we will try to keep it as varied as possible. Please allow time too as we may have to make from scratch to keep it varied ??

please note this box is calculated due to weight as its over 1kg