I F**king Love My Vagina – Watermelon Scent


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I Love My Fucking Vagina

approx 25g

1 per pack

Watermelon Scent

Smells exactly like watermelon

Raising awareness for vagina health. Most women know to check their breasts. But do you know you should be checking your lady bits too?? Going for a cervical smear is vital. Never delay it. It literally takes a few seconds!! I had pre cancerous cells on my cervix and got them removed. Literally if I had not had a smear it would not have been detected at such an early stage. This collection also highlights the dangers of us ignoring changes or small differences in discharge. Please do not. Please always get checked. Most times there’s nothing to worry about. This also highlights ovarian cancer and ovarian cysts. I had an ovarian cyst that twisted. Oh it was so painful. But guys please never be shy about your vagina. Love it and care for it like you would your skin. ???? sisterhood is here bitches

L – 7.5cm

W – 5.5 cm