Hit by a shark – Scent of the Sea Scent – Chronic Pain Awareness – Save our Oceans


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Scent of the Sea

Top notes of mandarin, lemon, green leaf and violet are enhanced with lavender, ozonic florals and a background of sandal, cedar, amber, musk and patchouli.

you get 2 shark jaws

really cool unique gift idea

I suffer with pain most of the time especially my knees and hip which has become very crippling, limiting my mobility. Then add in the pain from ME/CFS and fibro…not fun….these Meltys are for anyone who has pain of any kind. I chose hit by a shark instead of a bus simply to help raise awareness that we are not alone in our pain, sharks are suffering for the sake of tasteless soup (my opinion). Please, please don’t order the soup, save their pain and suffering.  Of course this collection can also be for folks who simply like sharks and grey and blue and fresh scents , Bubba’s MEltys are for everyone. Let’s come together and share our chronic illness, mental health and disability stories. We are all one community and here to help each other. Video your melts and share @bubbasmeltys Instagram page, love, life, peace, Cheryl aka Bubba xx

(Cruelty free vegan soy and paraffin scented and coloured candle melts)

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