GRA GO DEO – Enchanted Woodland and Witches Brew Scent – Grief


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Enchanted Woodland and Witches Brew scents

Witches Brew – Yellow – releases a mysterious blend of rich earthy notes combined with sweet spicy amber notes and woody notes of patchouli and cedarwood.

Enchanted Woodland – Blue – releases a  refreshing lush green fragrance with freshly cut leaves enriched by hints of agrimony, fir, rosewood and thistle


approx 40g each

Soy Wax

2 clouds

This particular collection is meant as an emotional connection between you and your loved one that has passed away.  It is not about religion, but emotional, private emotional connection.  When we are alone, when we can truly be ourselves, melt which cloud you prefer, if you are feeling dark, melt the darker cloud and think of your loved one smiling and hugging you and do whatever it is that you need to do to grieve.  You can talk to them, cry, laugh, rest, think, celebrate.  Or just get on with your day while this is burning.  It is a tribute, a way to acknowledge them.  Use it with others or on your own.

Gra Go Deo is gaelic for Love Forever….no matter where they are or what happens when we die, our love is forever and always xx

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