FUCK CANCER candle 250ml Dark Musk Scent


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FUCK CANCER soy candle

Dark Musk scent 250ml

Part of the candles with attitude line

These are perfect candles for gifts, also for travelling as they are in aluminium tins with lids…take them with you when going away! I dunno about you guys but I am fed up with the soppy, mainstream crap aimed at me as a spoonie and someone with disability.

I still have a dark sense of humour and am still me…plus I was shunned by the mainstream candle and wax maker groups…bubbas meltys is the outcast!!  So I decided to start this candle line as I’m sure there are others out there who feel the same, or are treated the same…shunned, pushed to the side, under dogs, made to feel weird or different….well, its time to unleash some attitude …lets start a rebellion…candles with attitude style….

blue colour inside

if you prefer a different scent and colour please contact us, there will be a longer wait for custom changes but we will do our best to suit you…there may an extra small charge if new scent or colour not in stock

comes with full clp compliance info and a little inspiration story from one of my collections…these are awesome as a gift or simply treat your dark side xx

Made with soy wax which is also vegan friendly.  Our wicks are lead free and the tins are perfect for travel too, simply pop the lid on and bring it with you. Full care guide and information is supplied.


To begin, ensure you allow the top of the candle pool to reach the edges of the tin, then blow out, allow to harden, then relight.  This will ensure a good even burn down the tin.

Upon second burn, we recommend burning for no less than approx. 45 mins and no longer than 3 hours at a time.

Keep your wick well looked after, trim to 4/5mm to prevent mushrooming and to help control the size of your flame.  If you notice the flame too large, smokes or flickers a lot, then blow out, allow to cool and trim the wick a little.

Show caution when blowing out your candle, as the force can cause some particles of the wick to fall into the pool and even cause some damage to your wick, we recommend using a snuff.

Do not leave your candles unattended or placed near anything flammable.  Always pay attention to the warnings stickers and the warning information that is supplied with all candles.

Keep out of reach of children, pets and keep placed on a safe flat heat proof surface.

Do not move the candle once lit, blow out and allow to cool first.

All candles are hand poured and scented to the maximum, please note some variations on colours may occur due to being hand made.

measures 77ml x 65mm  with a 250 ml capacity, filled to almost the top with room for the wick

full candle and wick care instructions will be provided please make sure you follow these

full candle and wick care instructions will be provided please make sure you follow these

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