FIBRO WARRIOR – Sandalwood Scent


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FIBRO WARRIOR mini collection

6 butterflies

approx 13g each

Sandalwood  scent

releases a herbal, spicy, woody fougere with soft, powdery floral notes alongside rich sandalwood and a base of amber and vanilla.

Fibromyalgia is a long term condition where sufferers feel pain all over the body, extreme sensitivity to touch, among many other symptoms.  This is the first collection in the invisible illness series.    I have been diagnosed with this as well as ME/CF.   The pain is horrible and don’t get me started on the brain fog.  The symptoms of fibro are many and very tough to fight through then, add on top of that the emotional battle with not only yourself and the new limitations you have to face, but also the negativity of disbelievers. You are a warrior.  Of course Bubbas meltys are not limited to people with illnesses, you could simply just like the meltys xxx

Lots of Love

Bubba x