EVERYONE FITS – Strawberry and Raspberry and Escape Scents


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2 Jigsaw pieces

Strawberry and Pear scent – releases a fresh and vibrant fruity cocktail of forest berries opening with top notes of fresh summer strawberry, juicy pear and sweet blackcurrant supported by middle notes of chablis grape, ripe blackberry and lychee resting on a rich base of raspberry and plum.
Escape Scent – A calming, floral accord with powdery dry florals, sweet orange, delicate green leaf and chamomile on a heart of mimosa and violet leaf. Resting on a soothing base of sandalwood, amber, musk and vanilla flower

approx 25g each

This restock will highlight Trio as requested by a customer with more info to follow…

Autism is very misunderstood but also I find that most of us are unsure how to behave to treat someone with autism…me included….I have close friends that have autistic children and I have no clue how to behave around them which causes fear of making things worse, which then shuts you off from your friends when all you want to do is help….I want to learn more and understand more and then be able to hang with my friends more at their home with their kids without fearing how I should be acting around them.  I feel like most people feel this way.  This is why raising awareness is so important…I have learned a lot just from researching for this collection.  I will continue to learn more and try to involve myself more with my friends when my illness allows kit to help them more….even the smallest of things can help.  Autism has a wide spectrum, there are many layers….people with autism have been discriminated against for years and its now time to try to understand and see the beauty within autism….learn that no matter how different someone sees the world, we all are designed to connect, all we have to do is learn how the jigsaw works, then start connecting……everyone fits, we just need to figure it out, as not all jigsaws are easy…  

Lots of Love

Bubba x

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