Duvet Days Soy Candle Daffodils Scent


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Daffodils scent

Inspired by how we spoonies are forced to rest, whether we want to or not, often when not tired because if we do not then we risk getting really sick!!

Is also the perfect melty to melt and relax with…maybe you fancy a day in bed or a lazy weekend morning lying in and chilling out…this scent combo is soooooooo delightfully smooth, sweet and calming…and the wax pool at the end is soooo pretty


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Duvet Days Soy Candle Daffodils Scent

250ml aluminium tin

cotton wick

100% soy and tin can be recycled

never leave a lit candle unattended, keep away from kids and pets and draughts

full clp info supplied and how to use business card

keep on a heat proof surface

if any allergies occur please stop use

aluminium tins can be recycled or reused…all candles are 100% soy wax

All ingredients are UK sourced including the soy wax which is grown in UK

Keep wick at 4mm and light, allow to burn until pool reached edges of container, blow out, allow to set, then relight, this will help prevent tunnelling.  The fragrance will release into your room.  As with all scented products, some allergies may occur, if they do, please stop use.  Never leave unattended and if using tea light burners, please use candle rule care.  Do not place near flammable items and keep on a heat proof flat surface away from draughts.

Keep away from kids and pets.  Do not move candle when burning.   If smoking comes from the burn pool, please blow out and allow to set.  If smoking occurs, please trim wick.

Do not burn for longer than 3/4 hours at a time for 250ml tin candles

Due to the hand made nature of these products, colours and shapes may vary.  Scented to the max.  Colours may fade over time and due to soy wax composition and no preservatives used.  This will not affect the use,  Try to use within 12 months of purchase.  Use caution when removing used wax from burner.  Please email us with any questions, happy to help.

Full clp supplied and a print out attached to the bag of the grip seal bag explaining the inspiration behind the collection.  Vegan friendly and cruelty free products