Conjuring Cthulhu – Dark Musk and Poisoned Apple

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Conjuring Cthulhu

dark musk and poisoned apple

approx 115g

huge chopping bar

green and black colours

Inspired by the writer H.P. Lovecraft. This mythical creature has been depicted as being trapped or held somewhere either in the deepest ocean or another dimension. I relate that to us folks with chronic illness, mental illness and disability. We are often left with a feeling of being trapped inside a body that doesn’t work anymore. But unlike Cthulhu who remains trapped we should conjur our inner God or goddess, and break free from our prison. Conjuring our inner strength to achieve our dreams and goals despite our limitations and restrictions.

I love the octopus too. How they can camouflage which reminds me of how we spoonies often hide or disguise our true level of pain. The octopus is also great at adapting to new surroundings again like us spoonies having to adapt to our new normals. I love this collection and hope it inspires you to not let your illness or disability hold you back. Free yourself from your prison, go and do what you want to do. Don’t wait for anyone to free you, free yourself xx

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