But You Don’t Look Sick!!! – Enchanted Woodland Scent – NEW!!


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But You Don’t Look Sick

Enchanted Woodland Scent

approx 100g


But You Don’t Look Sick! in enchanted woodland scent. New collection. Inspired by how many of us spoonies hear this statement so many times!! Classic #invisibleillness drama. So why the tv? Ok here’s my vision (excuse the pun) so as a spoonie with invisible illness I often feel like I have to put on an act. I have to fake feeling well. I always feel like I’m an actress pretending to be someone who isn’t sick or in agony or fatigued. To try to get through whatever I’m doing. This is because people in general either don’t understand due to lack of education but also some folks just don’t want to know how bad you really are. They want the fantasy. Kinda like what we do when watching movies and tv shows. We want the show not the reality. So I feel like the tv kinda represents the actor in us spoonies and how good we are at pretending to not be sick ? it’s crazy. I also want to add that tv became my friend when I first became ill because I wouldn’t go out anywhere and just stayed on the sofa and watched numerous tv shows until I started #bubbasmeltys which saved my sanity. Meeting all you guys showed me I’m not alone and I wanted to reach out and show others who suffer that they don’t need to stay on the sofa with the tv as their only friend. Just know you are not alone. Also please note like any art you can relate to this collection visually in any way you want. This is just what inspired it


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