BORDER CONTROL bpd awareness

black cherry scent approx 60g

90mm L, W60MM, D30MM

This is a high demand collection and I hope I do it justice. The hand grenade represents the symptoms of which the person has no control over and they can “go off” at any moment. Borderline Personality disorder is a long term pattern of abnormal behaviour often characterised by unstable relationships with other people, sense of self and emotions. There are many symptoms like self destructive behaviours that are often impulsive with explosive anger and self harm. There are many more and I urge you to educate more on this to try to understand what someone suffering is going through. Every person I have met who suffers is kind and easy to talk to. I would love that instead of judging someone we could just understand and that only comes with education which comes from awareness

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Warning and Safety 

These are scented wickless candles, please do not eat.

Cut off a piece to ensure suitable size for tea light or electric burner, to avoid over spill.  place in the well of the burner and allow to melt down into a wax pool.  The fragrance will release into your room.  As with all scented products, some allergies may occur, if they do, please stop use.  Never leave unattended and if using tea light burners, please use candle rule care.  Do not place near flammable items and keep on a heat proof flat surface away from draughts.  Keep away from kids and pets.  Do not move burner when in use.  Use unscented candles.  If smoking comes from the burn pool, please blow out and allow to set.  Remove tea lights or use less tealights or change to smaller tea lights.  Add more wax to the pool if there is room as this may help.

Due to the hand made nature of these products, colours and shapes may vary.  Scented to the max.  Colours may fade over time due to soy wax composition and no preservatives used.  This will not affect the use,  Try to use within 12 months of purchase.  Use caution when removing used wax from burner.  Please email us with any questions, happy to help.


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