Better Days To Come -Frankincense and Myrrh Scent

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Frankincense and Myrrh

 releases a rich fragrance of Olibanum & Myrrh with woody and balsamic notes on a musky base.

2 clouds

colours will change and are picked at random

This collection is inspired by the current covid 19 pandemic and trying to remind us to stay positive.  A lot of us will stress and feel anxiety, me included, but I also look back over history and past pandemics and plagues and remind myself that no matter what, this too will pass and we will feel safer to get out again.

This collection is also about reminding those of us who suffer with illness or are new to illness, we feel over whelmed and scared, but I also want to remind you that soon you get to learn how to live with your illness.

Better days will come no matter what we are going through in life.