Battle Waxe – Black Grape Scent


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Battle Waxe

black grape scent

2 large axes in a coffin gift box

chop and melt

The strong aroma of juicy ripe red grapes

Raising awareness for chronic pain. Those of us who suffer often have feelings of wanting the area chopped off that is in constant pain with no sign of a cure. It can drive us mad. This constant pain. Darker feelings of envy toward those who have lost a limb especially the limb that’s causing us our chronic pain. But I also want to raise awareness and salute to those who have lost limbs, after all my research and speaking to folks I have learned it is not something to envy.
I have chronic pain in hips and knees and often wished I could just amputate my legs above the knees and then  get prosthetics so I could run marathons etc like I saw other amputees doing. But it’s not that simple. They suffer in constant pain and phantom pain. Not to mention the chaffing of the prosthetics on their skin. So while it can often look like something is easier it may not always be the case.
Instead of focusing on others and thinking they might be better off than us, we should be focusing on how to manage our pain and live our lives as best we can. What helps us, a wheelchair? A crutch? Knee straps? Etc try to make things a little easier for yourself. No one is worse off or better off, try not to focus on that. After learning everything I did on amputees above the knee I learned that there are other things I need to focus on and that amputation is not going to help it’s just going to cause different pain and issues.
living with chronic pain is no joke and those who do and who overcome and get on with their lives are truly remarkable people. Imaging breaking ur leg and being told you will be in pain everyday for the rest of your life!
try to show respect to those who suffer and support in any way you can. Don’t let them feel the only option is to chop off what’s hurting them. Especially those who have pain somewhere that chopping off is impossible even if they had a choice!!!

lots of love

Bubba xx

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