Bastet – Sacrificial Blood

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Sacrificial Blood scent

large cat head is 80g

2 smaller cats approx 20g each these vary in shape

Smaller version of the huge Bastet that comes in a coffin

Part of the Classy Goth series

Goddess of cosmetics, cats, love, the home, healing, joy, motherhood, pleasures, ointments, childbirth, protection, women, secrets, fertility, dance, festivals, song, the dawn, fire, pregnancy, sex, family, warfare

melt and invoke which of these you want to focus and prosper in

Goddess and guard to ancient Egyptians…she represents, female strength and empowerment, she is a warrior

Invoke your inner badass goddess and achieve your dreams

I’m continuing the theme of the purrrfect collection in raising awareness that black cats are not evil or bad luck. They are beautiful just like any other cat colour. On a deeper level I want to remind us that we are all beautiful. No matter our colour, gender or health  ???? We are all stunning, fierce, graceful and badass and we are allowed to love a cuddle too X

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