ANXIETY VEGAN rose musk scent




you get 25 large brain and 2 screamers min weight 100g

This is another one close to my heart as I suffer anxiety myself. Anxiety is not just a feeling of fear or worry but it physically affects us too. We get shortness of breath, insomnia, heart palpitations, dry mouth, numbness or tingling in feet and hands, to name but a few. It’s surprising in the 21ST century that this very common illness is misunderstood so much. It costs nothing to educate ourselves and treat others with kindness. A rich, sensual floral fragrance with soft powdery top notes of rose otto and warming nuances of sweet magnolia, elements of soft lily and carnation are also present, supported by a pillow soft base of rich, soothing sandalwood, orchid, musk and amber. Share your stories, post your pictures and videos of your Meltys, tag me and let’s come together to support each other. We are all one community and here to help each other. Tag @bubbasmeltys Instagram page, love, life, peace, Cheryl aka Bubba xx

(Cruelty free vegan premium soy and premium paraffin blend scented and coloured candle melts)


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