Yes we offer a payment plan now!!  On orders of £30 and over not including shipping…

Open worldwide

Simply message us via email or DM in insta or facebook

Let us know the products you want to order and what country you are from

We will then allocate those products to you and work out a weekly amount to pay us that is affordable for you and works for us.

Once you agree, we will set it up via paypal with you 

We send you an invoice with the total amount and the agreed weekly amount, you will have to pay a deposit immediately and then make regular payments preferred weekly after that

You can also pay more some week if you have extra cash

It is your responsibility to keep on top of your payments

Once payment is complete we will ship your order

We do not take interest

Failure to complete payment with no contact with us will result in blacklisting from our site….We do not want to force charges on anyone either for missed payments so please always contact us if you cannot make a payment one week, as we can arrange for you to skip a week and pay the following week if need be…we want to work with you

If you need to cancel please get in contact as we cannot refund full amount paid, we will have to keep 50% of what you paid as we will have had to make and keep over an item that could have been sold to someone else…. So please bear this in mind before you agree to the payment plan,

If you are having any trouble with payments please get in touch! We are not a big scary company that just wants your money, we simply want to make things easier for you and Bubba, who is sick…. So we will try our best to work things out with you in a reasonable way for us both…

Hope this helps for Christmas and Birthdays and makes life a little less stressful 

Lots of Love

Bubba xox